Monday, April 30, 2007

My Weekend in Photos

Like all birds together we will squawk and we squeak the joy comes from all our beaks and ringing bells is our fun
now our ass is moving as oneSo glad to see that you came...

Sometimes It's Best to Chose You

I am a bit of a sensitive soul. I would like to think that I get it from my Papa. In all honesty, I would be happy to say that I anything from him; he was just that sort of man.

The good and the bad of this is that you feel a little more. You don't want to hurt other people, even when you are hurting a bit yourself.

I remember when I was 10 and my Papa took me into his doctor's office to remove these thingys from my feet. He made sure to numb them so much that I wouldn't feel a thing for weeks. Everytime there would be the tiniest bit of blood, he would get nervous and warn me not to look, not to look. Which of course meant that I looked. Which of course made him more nervous. Even though he realistically knew that I couldn't feel anything, the thought of causing me any discomfort hurt him. I am pretty sure the entire procedure was harder on him than it was on me.

Friday night I cancelled dinner plans with two friends in favor of staying home and sleeping. I was worn out, tired and it came down to keeping these plans and possibly losing it mentally or keeping my sanity and possibly losing two friends.

And while I do feel bad about bailing, I feel all that much better having taken a night to myself. And I know I owe them both a phone call, an explanation, some sort of follow up apology to my email. But sometimes it is just be easier to let things go, rather than take things on.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

She was once the 'belle of the ball', the cutest little lady in town. Her style was sexy and sophisticated and all of the others around her knew they could never measure up. And now, sadly, my poor baby is nothing but a shell of her former self. Yes, my apartment is bare, empty and has about as much character as a Ruby Tuesday.

6 days and counting until she is no longer mine. Soon she will be inhabited by someone who will never truly appreciate her red wall, her antique glass door knobs and the darling claw bathtub that has been with her since the beginning.

#504 was my first 'big kid' apt. It was just her and I against the world. But this is not goodbye, we will always have the memories; the late night dance parties, the wine-fueled giggle fits, the hangovers on the couch, and the ocassional overnight visitor.

Au revior mon cherie!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rainy Day Pictures; Three Words

Shine in every light
More than for a day
You stayed the same, wild
And were that way
Don't you want me a whole man?You can't pretend that you're not sentimental too
I know, I know you.

Today is:

  • my going away lunch at work

  • my going away dinner at Sette

  • exactly one week from when I move out of my apartment

  • the day I interview my replacement
Good thing I am leaving at 4pm and going home to a nap...

Just for Giggles

I have watched this 3 times and am still giggling at my desk.

(Thanks Mel!)

Happy Friday lovies!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bizzy as a Bee

I have been uber-busy lately and thanks to crowls my "list of things to do" so growing shorter and shorter. First, we went paddleboating...

(yes, I did whine in the middle and make cfab pedal the rest of the way for me)
Then Mr. Glow was kind enough to organize a night of Drag Queen Bingo. I was determined to leave a big winner,
but from these pics the only winners that night were the boys
and the queens who got the boys to take off their shirts.
that's ok though. I wasn't really sure how I was going to get my "prizes" through customs anyway ;)

Public Service Announcement

Hi, it's me. Just wanted to let you know that I am having so much fun in my world right now that I have decided to stay in DC just a little, itty bit longer. Nothing is set in stone, but Momma expect me home by May 20th (or whenever they kick me out!)

Don't you just love it!!

Everytime I think of moving, I think of this song

I'm Back!

Yea, yea, yea!!!! I'm back!

This is pretty much what my face looked like when I realized that I had forever deleted my old blog.

But no worries, it was just a little temporary vaca, nothing permanent. And now it is back to all of the delightful randomness.