Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scene 6. Act 5: The Theater

Apparently nowhere in the city is safe. Including the theater, where last night the American girl had to swiftly duck down in an aisle to avoid yet another run-in with The Norwegian. But a girl can only pretend to rummage through her purse for so long and eventually she had to come up for air. Luckily he was seated off-center a few rows ahead, where she was out of sight and he was in perfect sight.

In the middle of the movie her friend leaned over and whispered in her ear, "He IS cute, especially in those glasses." The American girl just smiled and turned her attention to the action on the screen. Later, after the movie ended and the coast was clear, she turned to that same friend and said, "He IS cute. Too bad his personality doesn't match."

End scene.

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